Feng Shui Ebook Bonus Bundle

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5 ebooks dealing with a different aspect of Feng Shui.  All written from my personal experiences of visiting over 11.000 homes and offices to assist you in becoming the master over your own Space whether home, work or commercial.



1. Space-Clearing Book gives you a history of such practices and their
origins. Then it goes on to give you some practical ways in which to use
this practice and when are the best times such as conflict in the home,
divorce, death, tragedy it is a way of detoxifying the environment.

2. Business Secrets Book sets you apart from those who have not got a clue
on what their retail, commercial spaces should be feeling or exuding. If
you have an office in your home how do you set that up as a separate
entity away from your personal life.

3. Opportunities are Knocking on your Door or are they? Ensure that the
entrance to all businesses, homes exudes a health resonance because it
just attracts more of what is great, good and lucky.

4. De-Clutter Your Life, Business & Work Space. Brimming with practical
tips based on lots of experience personally and for many others in my
work. You are not alone, it’s the hidden crippling condition. Get started

5. Finally, Feng Shui and Aromas, is about what to blend, when and where to
use them. How essential oil aromas have a vibration and effects our
emotions, memory and moods.


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