What People Are Saying

Cathi was introduced to me whilst she was visiting Brisbane. I just started my own beauty therapy business and she made some recommendations on where to position my business in the house and how to look at the colours. I have had a steady stream of customers arriving and the overall feeling of the rooms felt elevated as a result of me making some of those changes, Can’t wait for her to return.
Karen, Beauty Salon, Brisbane, Australia


Cathi demonstrated some of the principles of Feng
Shui at our show room in Leigh. Lancashire


Cathi walked into my shop in Sanur & we started talking about design and the Power of colour. Before long we were discussing businesses and how to attract tourists to the shop. It had been a quiet season and we wanted to know how we could our shop front more attractive to the passersby. Just by introducing some simple ideas the tone of the shop had changed and we were welcoming more people within days. Although Cathi has long left Bali we continue to use her ideas to attract our customers. We look forward to seeing her back again.
Oliva & Rita, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

Pavlina Papalouka

Business & Personal Branding Coach, Cyprus.

Selfridges reported the weekends of the Feng Shui demonstration we sold
out of all our lava lamps because of Cathi’s presentation-Sales Manager.