Feng Shui Ebook Bonus Bundle 2

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1. Creating Your Personal Vision Board – I show you how to use the
numbers, 5 elements and 9 areas of your life to create a direction you
wish to flow towards in your life.

2. 7 Feng Shui Steps to a healthier life – a focus on how to create a healthy
space for you to relax, harmonize and reset your compass to a more
healthy lifestyle.

3. 5 Feng Shui Keys – activate the special areas in your home to honour the
concepts of love, passion, relationship and joy.

4. 5 Elements of Wealth – The process to anything using the 5 energies of
most philosophies ensuring an outcome you can manifest.

5. Inner Feng Shui – practical exercises ensuring the space within you is
matching the experience & resonance you want to live on the outside.


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