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Cathi has combined her experiences & knowledge of teaching Feng Shui & Aromatherapy in the last 30 years by creating her own 5 Elemental Blends. Each bottle of Oil has a carrier Almond oil with the ingredients of only pure essential oils.

NB: Never use on facial skin.

[Red] Fire Aroma Blend: Taking Action, Exuberant & Passion;
Oils of bergamot, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, orange.

[Yellow] Earth Aroma Blend: Grounding, relaxing, peaceful taking you out of the Mind.
Oils of benzoin, frankincense, lime, geranium.

[White] Metal Aroma Blend: Providing clarity, pick me up, improved memory. Ideal for study.
Oils of rosemary, lime, basil.

[Blue] Water Aroma Blend: balances your emotions. Calming, flowing and letting go.
Oils of lavender, juniper, geranium, fennel.

[Green] Wood Aroma Blend: feeling connected to your roots, grounding and growing.
Oils of sandalwood, rosewood, lemon, cedarwood.

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Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Green

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